Sunday, January 24, 2016

Winter in Dover

The amount of snow we get varies each year.  2014/15 was pretty light on snow and skiing at Schweitzer was not great, to say the least. This year we're doing pretty well.  We're plowed when we get 3 or more inches.  With the exception of Christmas and New Years, it's pretty quiet in Dover during the winter, although it's not deserted.  There are at least 30 families who live here year round.  It's also the time to see moose and deer, especially in the early mornings.

Dover Bay-Sandpoint Trail

There is a paved Dover to Sandpoint walking/biking trail that runs parallel to the highway but is separated by a land buffer.  This trail is heavily used by walkers, joggers, and cyclists.  In the winter it's sometimes plowed, but not consistently.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Quick Guide for Phone Numbers

Dover Bay Health Club (Lake Club Fitness) Passes:  208.263.5493

Dish at Dover Bay (restaurant):  651 Lakeshore Ave.  208-265-6467

Dover Bay Market (very small; open seasonally):  208. 263.5493

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our Kitchen  is fully stocked.  We often come up to clean and occasionally stay overnight, so I am careful to review what items we have and what needs replacing.  Often measuring cups are broken so these are replaced frequently.  The coffee pot is relatively new and we supply the filters; however, we do not have a grinder, so bring ground coffee. 
 Our stove is gas and includes an oven.  We also have a dishwasher, dishwasher soap packets, and dish soap for hand washing.  Other items include:
 I also include a few packets of hot chocolate, cider, and microwave popcorn; if you love these items and consume them frequently, I suggest you bring your own.

  • A strainer
  • Numerous pots and pans
  • toaster
  • microwave
  • dish towels
  • grill tools
  • cutting knives
  • ice maker (built into the fridge)
  • filtered water (built into fridge--filter changed); note:  our unfiltered water is completely safe to drink and IMHO tastes just fine.
  • electric griddle
  • hot water kettle
  • cookie sheets
  • various mixing bowls
  • blender
  • can opener/bottle opener

Dover Bay Resort Amenities

Dover Bay Resort is a planned community with a fitness center, marinamini grocery store, and full bar restaurant called The Dish The fitness center has a gorgeous heated salt water pool and outside jacuzzi (which is not salt water); both are open year round, although in the winter often I have to call to get them to have the cover removed on the pool; it's pretty quiet during this time and often I'm the only one at the fitness center during ski season. 
Salt water heated pool

No lifeguards (ever) and no diving;  bring your own towels (there are four in the condo hallway closet beside the second bedroom for your use).  No dogs around the pool or inside the fitness center, either; sorry.

Partial view of the marina 
 There is a cost to use both the pool and fitness club, which varies depending upon the number of people coming and how long you want access to it.  To find out more information and to purchase a pass, call 208.263.5493.  I strongly suggest you contact them during working hours, M-F, rather than waiting until the weekend, as you may not be able to get a hold of someone.  No glass, but I do see people with plastic drink containers. 
The Dish has a full service bar and is open full time during the summer and limited hours during the winter
As for the health club itself, it has the basics--treadmills, ark-like step machines, weights, other various machines, and a yoga/stretching area with mirrors, mats, and large balls.  Nice restrooms and a shower (no towels provided).  There are televisions with cable for your use as well.
View of The Dish restaurant's outdoor eating patio
Restaurant and SMALL mini mart in Dover

Walking trail into Dover's waterfront park
The marina, summer 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Dover Bay's City beach is easy walking distance from our condo.  To get there head towards the Dover Bay grocery store/marina/fitness club and keep walking through the rental bungalows until you see the City of Dover headquarters.  Beach is just passed this. There are a few picnic tables, a marginal "beach" with coarse sand, and one floating swim dock.  The bathrooms may or may not be open.  No lifeguards, either.

But if you're looking for a place to bring the kids and Fido, this is the beach for you, as dogs on leashes are allowed.

However, just this year there are three "private" public beaches that you can use that are just a ways passed this area.  To find them keep walking along the path through the city beach.  Cross the bridge (remember this is a walking bridge, not a bridge for cars) and just before you turn right to get onto the wetlands boardwalk take a left instead (there is a trail).  There are three small secluded beaches with even nicer access to the water.  My son and I discovered these in June of 2014--see below.  

If you're looking for fine white sand, life guards and crowds Sandpoint's City beach is the place for you.  Parking is free, and there are restrooms but don't bring your dog, as they are not allowed.

Monday, July 7, 2014


Master bath has two sinks, large walk in shower, and toilet

Guest bath has shower/tub combo, toilet, and sink.