Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Dover Bay's City beach is easy walking distance from our condo.  To get there head towards the Dover Bay grocery store/marina/fitness club and keep walking through the rental bungalows until you see the City of Dover headquarters.  Beach is just passed this. There are a few picnic tables, a marginal "beach" with coarse sand, and one floating swim dock.  The bathrooms may or may not be open.  No lifeguards, either.

But if you're looking for a place to bring the kids and Fido, this is the beach for you, as dogs on leashes are allowed.

However, just this year there are three "private" public beaches that you can use that are just a ways passed this area.  To find them keep walking along the path through the city beach.  Cross the bridge (remember this is a walking bridge, not a bridge for cars) and just before you turn right to get onto the wetlands boardwalk take a left instead (there is a trail).  There are three small secluded beaches with even nicer access to the water.  My son and I discovered these in June of 2014--see below.  

If you're looking for fine white sand, life guards and crowds Sandpoint's City beach is the place for you.  Parking is free, and there are restrooms but don't bring your dog, as they are not allowed.

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